From initial firearms familiarity and concealed weapon permit certification through advanced personal defense, competition shooting and hand-loading, we specialize in customizing small group and individual classes tailored to meet client objectives. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals! Contact us to build a training package or specialized class for you.

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Firearms Training

From initial familiarity through home defense techniques and competition preparation, the Gun Whisperer offers:

- United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA): Concealed Carry, Basic Pistol, and Home Defense classes - all of which satisfy "proof of proficiency" for concealed carry permit applications. 

- Shoot With A  Coach - A 1 hour one-on-one shooting session focused on skill development. 

- Range Runners Action Pistol Shooting - proficiency development in a dynamic environment.

- The Bucket List Ultimate Fun Shoot - After a short introduction to firearm safety, we fire revolvers, semi-auto pistols, semi-auto rifles, and shotguns.

- NRA Refuse To Be A Victim personal safety and crime prevention. 

- Introduction to Shotgun and Home Defense - focused training on developing a home defense plan and responding with a shotgun as a last resort.

- Skeet and Trap Shooting - introduction through competition.

- Precision Rifle Shooting.

Note: We specialize in small-group or individual classes and will customize a class to fit your training needs.

Gun Whisperer Spotlight Video Presents:

Range Runners November 2016

Range Runners October 2016


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Affiliate Partner

I'm proud to be an affiliate Partner with CrossBreed Holsters. It's one of the holsters I use, and highly recommend to you as well.

CrossBreed Holsters, gained national recognition as a leading manufacturer of some of the best and most functional concealment holsters available on the market today. Each holster is handmade by craftsmen personally trained by Mark Craighead. These craftsmen continue to pass on the skills, traditions, and attention to detail to the new generation of craftsmen who have joined the company under Mark’s original vision.


Handcrafted Leather Pistol Holsters

CIV DIV Designs, LLC is a local Partner who makes outstanding Handmade Leather Holsters. Located right in Arlington, VA makes it convenient for all our local shooters. Click on the logo below to be taken to their shop.


Welcome to the partners section!

Featured Partners

This is where I will list all the local and not so local partners I deal with. It will be a great resource to anyone viewing the page. 

The Aegis Academy - World Class Firearms Training in Southern California

"Strike-Hold!"® - is a fast acting penetrant that immediately cuts through dirt, rust, carbon, and scale to quickly get into metal parts that have become frozen by or encrusted with corrosion and oxidation.

Arsenal Attorneys™ - is a law firm dedicated to gun owners. We practice firearms law. We help clients with Arsenal Gun Trusts, FFLs, Firearms Instructors' Legal Packages, Restoration of Rights, Concealed Carry Permits and more.

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